Contentworker Suite

Contentworker is an application suite for Microsoft Sharepoint, delivering enhanced functionality and productivity tools for document and email intensive environments. Contentworker suite enhances Microsoft SharePoint and increases usability, adoption and compliance.

The Contentworker Suite includes document-, contract-, e-mail- and knowledge management solutions used separately or integrated together. Contentworker is easy to deploy, update and administer, and the Contentworker SharePoint architecture provides a secure, scalable solution which meets information governance requirements. Contentworker is available on both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016.

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Staffan Hugemark

Formpipe Intelligo – Who we are

Formpipe Intelligo develops and delivers Contentworker and additional email management  solutions which allows organizations to enhance the value of their existing ECM investment by promoting user adoption and software utilization.

Founded in 1995, Formpipe Intelligo possess extensive knowledge and expertise within the area of ECM and the legal market, where hundreds of customers around the world are relying on us for their ECM-solutions to address critical business needs such as information management, business continuity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Based in Sweden, Formpipe Intelligo AB is part of Formpipe Software AB (publ).