Contracts are your Key assets

Contract Management lets you monitor and control the two most central parts of the organization – revenues and expenditures. Effective management of contracts provides maximized revenue opportunity and risk minimization for both customer and supplier.

The average number of contracts in an organization is between 20 000-40 000 according to PwC. Without a Contract Management system, the risk is that contracts are extended without renegotiation, or that contract extensions are made against the organization’s will because of ignorance of contract maturities.

Intuitive SharePoint Interface

Contentworker Contract Management provides a feature rich user interface in SharePoint. Users can easily find, review and act on important contracts with practically no training needed!

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Contract Management - contracts sorted by type

Take control

Contentworker Contract Management gives you full control over your contracts. The Contract repository has an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for everyone in the organization to use. Contracts are managed proactively and reminders can be defined to keep track of renewal, renegotiation and expiration dates.

Never miss a contract date

Contentworker Contract Management manages review dates and sends out reminders when a contract is approaching expiration or renewal date.

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Key features

Powerful search

With the powerful search of Microsoft SharePoint combined with easy to use search forms and search refiners, Contentworker Contract Management makes it easy for users to find the correct information.

Contract reminders and reports

Contracts can have multiple dates when actions or reviews need to be performed. Reminders will be sent out to defined roles and escalations can be triggered if actions are not taken in time. Administrators have full control of the process through online reports.

Contract inbox

Users can email, scan or upload contracts to the archive. Incoming contracts are automatically placed in an inbox where contract managers will categorize and apply security to them to make them available to other users.

Security templates

Security templates make it easy to define and maintain control over who can see and act on different contracts. This makes it possible to ensure that different job roles and departments only see the contracts they should have access to.

Optional automatic OCR

An optional server based OCR engine can be used to ensure all contracts, regardless of file format or source, can be full text searched. This saves time in the scanning process and also makes externally scanned contracts searchable.

Attachments and links

Appendices, cancellation letters, correspondence, etc. can easily be uploaded as attachments to an existing contract in Contentworker Contract Management. It is also easy to create relationships or links between contracts.