Full featured Document Management in SharePoint!

Contentworker Document Management is a powerful Document Management System (DMS) on top of MS SharePoint. This gives Contentworker the unique ability to really use the collaborative strengths of MS SharePoint, where Contentworker presents the user with intuitive matter workspaces tailored to each customers needs.

Documents and emails are stored and accessed together with other key matter or project information such as calendar, contacts, tasks, discussion boards to name a few – all available within the configurable matter workspaces in Contentworker DMS for SharePoint.

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Available as Cloud or On-premise!

The Contentworker suite is available both as on-premise and private cloud (SaaS).

Whether you are looking for a subscription based Cloud solution or a traditional On-Premise implementation, Contentworker is ideally suited for small to very large implementations.

Lawfirms, financial institutions and other professional services organizations all over the world have found Contentworker ideally suited for their document and email management needs, where you manage, work and share your information in intuitive matter/ project workspaces. Let us show you what we can do for your organization!

Intuitive and easy to use

Contentworker Document Management runs directly in MS SharePoint which means that Contentworker DMS has a naturally strong integration with MS Office and MS Outlook.
The users will understand the intuitive and easy to use SharePoint interface right away – minimizing the training needs required for your users getting started using Contentworker DMS.

Powerful email management

Emails are a vital part of any organizations unstructured content, so email management is a critical part of any document management system. Contentworker Document Management delivers extensive email management functionality with Contentworker Email Filing.

Email features at a glance

Simple and Automated

Save matter related emails from within Outlook with just a couple of clicks or drag-and-drop into the matter/project workspaces. For automated filing, folders in Outlook can be connected to the matter/project workspace for background filing. These  Monitored Folders in Outlook also enables users to save emails into matters from any mobile device.

Track, Search and Find

Contentworker automatically captures header information (receiver, sender, sent and receive date, thread information etc) from any email saved into Contentworker. This allows users to search on subjects, email addresses etc. Outlook messages are stored in their native format making sure emails are preserved as they were received or sent.

Automatic Suggestions

Contentworker Filing Assistant and Send and Save can suggest matter/project from threads and sender/receiver. Subject Filing adds a ‘tag’ to the subject line for automatic filing. Together these features give users several choices to file emails into matters/projects with minimum efforts.

Email Marker

The Contentworker Email Marker, marks all emails saved into Contentworker with Outlook categories. This makes it easy for users to see what emails have been filed and where. It doesn’t matter who of the recipients of an email that saves an email. All recipients will get it marked in their mailboxes.

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Key features

Automatic metadata tagging

All documents, emails and other content are automatically tagged with metadata information from the client, matter, counterparties etc. This makes it easy for users to find the correct information and always see what it relates to and where it is stored.

Powerful and intuitive security

Security is easy to assign and control. User can secure individual documents or entire matters. Security templates can be used to set a default security based on practice area or matter type to create ethical walls.

Calendering / docketing and tasks

Contentworker can manage matter or document related calendar events, tasks and reminders. Calendars and tasks can be viewed from within Microsoft Outlook. Automated reminders can be sent to users via email.

Outlook toolbar

Contentworker Document Management integrates its own Toolbar within Outlook that gives users an easy way to file emails or attachments from within Outlook. Bulk filing is easily managed by creating synchronized folders in Outlook to the matter, saving all emails placed in the folder into the matter workspace in Contentworker.

Powerful search

With automatic metadata assignment, the powerful search engine of Microsoft SharePoint with search refiners, Contentworker Document Management makes it easy for users to find the correct information.

Save and reuse your most used searches for quick retrieval.

Subscriptions and navigation

Users can subscribe to matters by adding them to a list of favorites or as tabs for quick access and navigation. A tree-view can also be used to navigate favorites.

Easy access to recent matters and documents

Contentworker Document Management tracks your recently used matters and documents, providing users with quick access to recently used information.

Also available for OpenText eDOCS

Contentworker Document Management eDOCS Edition delivers an easy to use matter centric SharePoint interface to the OpenText eDOCS repository.