Manage Document Based Knowledge

Contentworker Knowledge Management is a SharePoint based know-how Repository where the firm can manage templates, legal opinions, precedence and other document based know-how in an easy and user friendly way. Documents are available through a taxonomy that can be combined with a powerful search and filter function.

Not Only Documents

In Contentworker Knowledge Management the firm can also manage links to legal resources, information about completed transactions, user comment and know how information. Everything is made available to users through the Contentworker taxonomy.

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Intuitive SharePoint Interface

Contentworker provides an intuitive and powerful interface to SharePoint based environments. Knowledge workers can start using the Contentworker Knowledge Management without any prior training.

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Key features

Powerful search

With the powerful search of Microsoft SharePoint combined with easy to use search forms and search refiners, Contentworker Knowledge Management makes it easy for knowledge workers to find and use valuable, time saving and accurate information.

Audit and governance

Knowledge workers use of documents and information can be logged and tracked for statistics and governance. Audit data can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel for flexible reporting.

Review reminders

Review dates can be specified for automatic email reminders as to when documents need to be reviewed.

Security templates

Security templates makes it easy to define, control and maintain control of who should have access to what information. Knowledge managers can assign security as part of the categorization and tagging of the document.

Optional automatic OCR

For repositories with scanned content an optional server based engine can be used to ensure that all content is full text searchable, regardless of file format or source.

Multi-language support

With multilingual taxonomies a centralized repository can serve offices in different countries or for different jurisdictions. Knowledge workers can easily switch between different languages or countries.